Wooden Gate Quilts is home to an eclectic, smart, courageous, artistic and generous group of quilters, garment makers, crafters, artists and stitchers (some of us even know how to knit and crochet).

Our goal is to inspire you and help you learn the skills you need to know to get your ideas out of your head and into a fabulous project.

We can't wait to meet you!  Now meet us! 

Something you might not know about us...

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Debi Bucciarelli  (Owner, Modern and Contemporary Quilter, Longarm Quilter) Debi will be the new owner of Wooden Gate Quilts beginning February 1, 2019. Welcome Debi, with a big “HELLO!” to our Wooden Gate Quilts family!


Gina Chang (Previous Owner, 2013-2019), Modern and Contemporary Quilter, Doll Maker, Costume Designer, Garment Maker) "I'm an activist quilter. I started in 1979 demonstrating for NO NUKES. I marched for NO NUKES in Washington D.C. in 1980... I got there from my college in Ohio by hitch-hiking. My boyfriend and I got a ride partway from Ohio to Washington D.C. in an ice cream truck! Guess I need to make my protest T-shirt quilt now!"

Kathy August (Sales, Contemporary and Traditional Quilter, Longarm Quilter, Wool Appliqué, Pincushions,  Instructor) "I wear black leather and ride a Harley! Really! True Story!"


Anita Monery (Sales, Contemporary Quilter) “I’m an open book, I like to exercise and stay fit…
Yes! I LIKE to exercise!”

Pat DeForce (Sales, Instructor, Traditional and Contemporary Quilter) "Since I began working at Wooden Gate Quilts, I've discovered I'm related to half the Bay Area!"

Margaret Linderman (Sales, Instructor, Garment Maker and Quilter of all genres, our "Mom") "I really was a rocket scientist!"

Janis Stob (Sales, Instructor, Garment Maker and Designer (especially wedding dresses), Quilter, Appliqué and Collage Artist) "I'm an open book, but if you must know... I'd rather eat the buttercream than the cake!"


Linda Probst (Sales, Quilter) "Love my grandkids!" We share Linda with Not Just Quiltz in Fremont. We are happy to have Linda in our shop!