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Brown Bag Mystery Kits

Welcome to Timeshare Mystery Quilt!

We are honored to be bringing you this Brown Bag Mystery Quilt! 
This program is new to Wooden Gate, but not new to over 4,000 quilter's across the country who LOVE the annual Karen Montgomery Mystery Quilt!  (I have heard these are addicting!)

How does this Program work?
  • Starting Feb 1 - we will have "sealed' Brown Bags ready to sell. Each bag contains 6.5 yards of specially curated fabrics put together by Debi, Alex Anderson (yep --THE Alex Anderson) and Wooden Gate's lovely Margaret Linderman!
    • Fabrics will make a finished 52" x 68" quilt. (without borders).
    • Want a bigger quilt? buy two identical bags to have a finished size of 84" x 84"
    • Border fabrics are not included because you may want them and you may not. The choice for those fabrics are yours to make once you have solved the mystery.
    • COMPLETE program instructions will also be inside your bag.
    • Brown Bag Mystery Kits are $129.95 each
    • NOTE: Pattern suggests using the Creative Grids Multi Size 45/90 Degree Triangle, which we have in stock
  • At time of purchase - we need you to fill out a registration form. This form includes your home address, email and phone number. This information is needed to register you on the Facebook page AND so you can get your clues!  If purchasing here on the web, a staff member will contact you to get these details.
  • Printed clues will be "snail" mailed to you every two weeks beginning March 17. If you are local, you can pick them up at the shop!
  • Video clues will also be available beginning March 18. These videos are uploaded to the private Facebook page at 6am EASTERN time.
  • The Facebook page provides a fun community where you can share your fabrics, your progress and find tips and practice projects.
  • Starting Feb 1 - Karen will be hosting "28 days Days to better quilting" tips in the private Facebook group.
  • March 1st - instructions and a video will be added to the Private Facebook page, consisting of a unit from the mystery quilt that you can create from your own stash!

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