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Collage the Laura Heine Way

Do you have a Laura Heine pattern that you want to tackle? Then come join Debi and jump into collage using Laura Heine's collage method. Full size orTeeny Tiny patterns by Laura Heine are beautiful and daunting! Debi will get you going!

Rooster Crazy Collage

Join Lynne Douglas as she takes your collage skills to new heights! She will give your creativity wings as you make this beautiful Rooster to match your stash!

Pretty Quick Quilt

Use that gorgeous large-scale or conversation fabric you have been saving -- this quilt is PRETTY, it's QUICK! Alethea's versatile technique allows you to create the right balance of patchwork, design and color to make the fabrics sing.

Feb 9
Collage the Laura Heine Way
Feb 14
Rooster Crazy Collage
Feb 15
Intro to Curves