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PJ NIghts 2023 with Laura Nownes

Come spend a Friday night with Laura Nownes. Bring your own project or ideas to start a new one - you are sure to be inspired! Slippers are optional (however- encouraged!!) Classroom doors open at 5:15pm NOTE: There are 2 sessions listed - you need to select each separately when registering

Journey Through History: Underground Railroad Quilt Blocks

Step back in time and embark on a captivating journey through history as we explore the rich heritage of the Underground Railroad through quilt blocks. In these classes, you will delve into the fascinating stories behind the symbolism and secret messages encoded within the quilt patterns used during this significant era. Discover the significance of each block, learn traditional piecing techniques, and create your own meaningful quilt that pays homage to the courageous individuals who sought freedom on the Underground Railroad.

Countdown to 2024 - Sew Along

Join Debi for our 2nd annual "Finish the Year with a Finish" sew-along event! Let's work together to clear out a couple of those unfinished object (UFO) bins and prepare for our exciting projects in 2024. The only requirement? Bring along a UFO to the event! Anticipate a flurry of gorgeous finishes taking place - it's bound to be inspiring!

Dec 30
Countdown to 2024 - Sew Along



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