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How To Make a Bumble Bee Pin Cushion





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  • Bee Body Fabric (Black): 21⁄2" x 21⁄2" 

  • Bee Wings (Light yellow): 1" x 3" 

  • Bee Stripes (Golden Yellow): 1" x 2" 

  • Pin Cushion Top: 6" x 6" square (Flower or other bee 

  • friendly background) 

  • Pin Cushion Bottom: 6" x 6" square (fabric to coordinate) 

  • Steam-a-Seam 3" x 5" piece (used for bee) 

  • Tulle for Wings (optional): 1" x 3" piece 

  • Fusible Batting: 6" x 6" piece 

  • Pin cushion fill i.e. batting and/or 1 1⁄2 cups crushed 

  • walnut shells 


1. Cut 6" square from the top and bottom fabric. Using a  pencil, draw a 51⁄2" circle (from the pattern) onto the back side of the top and bottom fabric. Cut, adding a 1⁄4” seam  allowance to the circle (by eye - you will later stitch on  the 5 1⁄2" circle line). 

2. Draw a 51⁄2" circle on the fusible batting & cut out on the  line (no seam allowance) 

3. Fuse the batting to the wrong side of the pin cushion top. 

4. Place Steam-a-Seam Lite over the reverse image pattern and trace the bee parts onto the grid lined paper side. 

a. Remove the paper liner from the non-grid side. 
b. Press the Steam-a-Seam pieces to the back/wrong side of the appropriate fabric: 
i. Black - body & legs 
ii. Yellow/Gold - bee body stripes 
iii. Wing fabric (note: If using tulle, press the Steam-a-Seam to the top/right side of the fabric using parchment paper to protect.) 
iv. Cut out the pieces. 

5. Place parchment paper over the bee design and build the bee design by removing the non-grid lined paper and placing the shapes onto the parchment paper. Start with the wings. 

a. NOTE: If using the tulle, remove the grid side of
the Steam-a-Seam, place it on top of the tulle. Lay parchment paper over the wing piece to protect the tulle, and press to attach the tulle to the top 
of the wings. Then cut the excess tulle away. The 
bee body will hold the wings in place once ironed. 

6. When the bee is assembled, press the bee onto the parchment paper to glue all the pieces together (make sure to protect the tulle with parchment if adding this). 

7. Peel the bee off the parchment paper and place onto the pin cushion top fabric. Press to attach. 

8. Next, add any embellishments to the pin cushion top using free motion quilting, hand stitching, beading, etc. 

9. Place pin cushion top and bottom pieces, right sides together. Pin leaving a 2" opening to turn. Stitch along the 51⁄2" circle line, back stitch at the beginning and end leaving the opening to turn. 

10. Turn pin cushion right side out and press making sure to press the seam allowance edges in which will help when hand stitching the pin cushion closed. 

11. Stuff using batting or crushed walnut pieces. 

a. Have a threaded needle already knotted and in position for stitching before filling the cushion. 
b. A funnel and premeasured walnut shells is helpful. 
c. Before stitching is closed, stuff some batting in the opening to keep the shells in place when stitching. 

12. Stitch the pin cushion closed. Enjoy! 


Designed for your sewing pleasure by Cathleen Michka. 



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