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How To Make Self-Binding Holiday Napkins: sewing diy gift tutorial + pattern


Thanksgiving fabric napkin, folded in bowl cozy.
Hoilday Self-Binding Napkins with Border

Margaret’s Self Binding Napkins 

Shop the Christmas Napkins kit here: Margaret's Christmas Napkin Kit

Shop the Thanksgiving Napkins kit here: Cathleen's Christmas Napkin Kit

Fabric Requirements per Napkin:

One 18” square (back and “binding”)

One 13” square (front)

1. With wrong sides together, fold 18” square into quarters. Fold 13” square into quarters.

2. Place the smaller square on top of the larger square, lining up the folded corners. Place the 45° angle of your ruler across the top of the smaller square, so that the ½" line is at the point of the smaller square. Cut along the edge of the ruler as shown.

3. Set the smaller square aside. Open up the larger square. The four corners should be cut at an angle. Make a mark ¼" from the point of each corner on the wrong side of the piece.

4. With right sides together, fold one of the angled corners in half, matching the outer edge. Stitch from the marked point to the fold, backstitching at the beginning and end. This will miter the corner. Repeat for each corner.

5. Turn the piece to the right side and press it flat. Press under the raw edges ¼"

6. Place the smaller square in the opening of the larger square. Tuck the raw edges of the smaller square under the pressed-under edges of the larger square. Pin around the opening. Topstitch ⅞" away from the opening along the pressedunder edges.

This makes a generous 13” napkin. Feel free to play around with the size and make sure to share it on social media and tag us at @woodengatequilts !




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