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Individual (One-On-One) Lessons 

We have developed a skills-based program that will help children learn and master lifelong sewing skills. Any child who wishes to learn to sew on a sewing machine must take One-On-One lessons until they show proficiency with the basic skill set required to take group lessons. One-on-one lessons allow kids to learn at their own pace and gain sewing confidence and independence. Once they master a basic skill set in the One-On-One lessons–and are signed off by one of our instructors–kids will be able to sign-up for group lessons. Our goal is to teach kids in a fun, nurturing, structured–and most importantly–safe environment.

Fee for One-On-One Lessons: $50 per session to be paid directly to the instructor. Call the store to schedule One-On-One Lessons (925) 837-8458.

Age Requirement: We request children to be at least 9 years old to begin sewing classes.

NOTE: We must have on file a signed Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement for every child.

Our One-On-One Curriculum

Our One-On-One curriculum is broken into sections focusing on building practical sewing skills, increasing sewing knowledge, and developing "How-To" hand and machine skills. Each project is designed to help kids learn to master the required skill set needed for advancing to more complicated and long term projects.

Sewing Readiness - (Practical Skills) Develop the ability to maintain a positive attitude, focus, and attention. Develop the ability to follow instructions, maintain the organization of sewing space, and establish good sewing habits.

  • Basic Sewing Terminology - (Knowledge Skills) Covers sewing terms that are used on a daily basis.
  • Know Your Tools - (Knowledge Skills) Gain familiarity with sewing tools and learning which tools to use for which job.
  • Know Your Fabrics and Threads - (Knowledge Skills) Identify different fabrics and threads and learn their applications, learn basic math (fractions, measuring in inches and yards) in order to buy and cut required yardage for a project.
  • Hand Sewing Skills - ("How-To" Skills) Learn to thread needles, tie knots, sew various utility stitches, sewn on a button, learn how to pin fabric and patterns, learn how to cut fabric and rip out seams, learn safe handling and use of tools such as needles, pins, scissors and seam rippers.
  • Ironing/Pressing Skills - ("How-To" Skills) learn how to use an iron safely, learn the difference between ironing and pressing, how to operate an iron and set iron temperatures.
  • Sewing Machine Skills - ("How-To" Skills) - Learn the parts of a sewing machine and what they do, how to wind a bobbin, how to thread a sewing machine, how to sew a seam, set seam allowance, control sewing speed, select appropriate stitches, replace a needle, identify a properly sewn seam, guide fabric safely through feed dogs, fix common problems.
  • How To Work With Patterns - (Knowledge and "How-To" Skills) Learn to read, layout and cutout a pattern.

Group Lessons

If you have a group of up to 4 kids who would like to work on a hand sewing project together please contact the shop and we can arrange a private group lesson for you.

Please note: All kids must already be proficient in the use of a sewing machine in order to organize a group class involving the use of sewing machines. (They can gain proficiency by taking private One-On-One lessons until they have developed the required skill set. Our lessons are skills-based and designed to allow a child to learn sewing skills at their own pace.)

Fee: Will be negotiated based on students' sewing level, the number of students, the length of the class and the project was chosen.



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